Unlearn what you have learned

Sometimes we do things because that’s they way we learned things are supposed to be. We don’t even realize we are doing things that don’t make a lick of sense. For example, the biggest bedroom in my house is what I was using for sleeping. The Master Bedroom. It always sounds so fancy when you say Master bedroom, doesn’t it? No matter how small it is. Mine’s pretty small. 19′ x 14′ or something. It’s probably less than that. The room I was using as an art room is 12′ x 10′. With my art desk, the computer desk, the art cabinet & the easel all crammed in there is was hard to move about & not feel cramped. Almost suffocating. That doesn’t make for good Mojo or creativity.

It occurred to me that I was using the biggest bedroom in the house the least amount of time & for nothing more than sleeping & keeping my dirty laundry.

Why? I mean, once I realized what I was doing, it seemed really dumb. Of course, everyone I know uses the big bedroom for exactly that. The bedroom. My parents did, my grandparents did, most if not all of my friends do. It’s what we are trained to do. We don’t even question it. Of course, most everyone I know except me has a TV in the bedroom. That is & always will be an unchangeable rule. No TV in the bedroom. Period. If you have insomnia, I promise you, removing the stupid TV set from your bedroom is a great first step in curing it. You can’t reach REM with light patterns & noise going on around you. Not unless you’re 2 or 92.

I digress.

I decided that it made way more sense to utilize that extra space & to combine some of the other stuff in the house to go into the large bedroom. So, I did. It’s been 3 weeks & I am 98.9% done getting everything back into a place. The space has more natural lighting & more windows. Both things I hated in the sleeping room. It’s the warmer of the two rooms, which I love for creating. If I’m cold at all, I curl up into a ball & fall asleep. I can open both windows in the spring & fall & get a wonderful breeze. Refreshing. It feels right.

This Friday I will finish up & get that Jem painting completed. I’m so excited. It’s almost like having a whole new house!