Well…this is weird…and stupid

As much as I wanted to believe that maybe my luck was changing, it looks like it isn’t really. In the post below you read that I went to a old school metal show. A 5 to 6 hour metal show. Well, I love to throw the metal horns while I’m rocking out. And I did. For hours. Apparently really passionately. When I woke up Saturday morning my wrist & hand were killing me.

I could barely move my right hand at all without searing pain. I couldn’t grip & I couldn’t pull or push with it. Meaning, most importantly, that during my 3 day weekend (Thank you Labor Union) I couldn’t draw or paint. *sigh*

I didn’t get much sleep Saturday night due to the amount of pain I was in. Sunday it seemed even worse. My hand was so swollen that I couldn’t get my ring on. If any thing even so much as breathed on it I was screaming in pain. WTF? Seriously? This is stupid. How on earth does someone screw their hand up this bad by throwing metal horns? I feel old.

Sunday I iced it, but had to have T help me do things all day. Sunday night, again, not much sleep. There was no way to lay it that it didn’t just shoot lightning pains.

Monday. Not much change. Swollen, painful, I can’t grip anything. I can’t pull my damn pants up or down to use the restroom. I can’t ride my motorcycle because I can’t pull in the brake. C’mon, this has got to be some sort of stupid joke.

Monday night…barely any sleep at all. It hurts worse than it has all weekend.

Tuesday. OMG this hurts. And is stupid. I managed to drive the car one-handed to work. It’s a good thing I’ve practiced using my left hand for so many years. I used to have nightmares I’d lose my right hand. My art hand. So I wanted to be able to use both. Equally well. Some things you just need two hands for though. Well, I do at least. I’m sure there’s some one-handed people that would laugh their butts off watching me struggle.

My work brace is missing from my office. I’m hen pecking this post out with my left hand. OMG, the pain is at stupid levels. 2012 has got to be the stupidest year ever.