Allergies & Injuries

The hand/wrist is still healing. I can grip a pencil again. I did a bit of drawing & rode the motorcycle to work. Taping it up with athletic tape seems to be helping. Gives it a bit of support. So I was feeling happy about that. Then the allergies struck. I’ve been sneezing my head off.

*Sigh* Maybe that’s why. I don’t want to take anything either. All that stuff makes me feel yucky & it makes me smell funny. Drugs do that to me. Make me smell different. Make food taste different. Make the days seem like a dream. I’d rather smell normal, not be able to taste & suffer through. My poor dog is all allergenic too. Poor thing. She’s miserable. I’ve been giving her baby Clariten. I can suffer. Puppies should never suffer. They are the greatest things in the universe.