I entered a painting into an art show. Not any old art show, but the very first National Weather Center Biennale. I entered my artistic interpretation of the strength and structure of a tornado. It’s 34″ x 36″ Acrylic on Wood.

The deadline was today. I finished it this weekend. BEFORE the deadline. I’m happy about that. I’m also happy with the work. It turned out great. I rarely know what I’m saying with a painting until I’m finished and step back and look at it. I get images first. Images and feelings. I sketch it out and then try as fast as I can to capture what I see in my mind. The more stress-free and positive I am the easier this is. I had been mulling over a weather themed piece for over a month. Waiting. Hoping something would show up. I told myself I wasn’t going to force it and I wasn’t going to get upset if nothing came forth. I really wanted it to though because I’m a huge lover of Oklahoma weather and the the National Weather Service and all they do. I’m very happy I made it. I paid my $25 entry fee and sent my TIF file and now the waiting starts. Will I get accepted? Will I be rejected? Only time will tell. I feel confident though.

Creating artwork and submitting it wasn’t all I did this weekend. Nope. I also took advantage of the Free Museum Weekend. That’s right, 1,500+ Museums welcomed anyone willing to make the trek in for free this weekend. The Sam Noble Museum was on that list and they just opened their newest collection. A collection of over 1,000 Kachina Dolls/sculptures. T and I got up, grabbed a bite at The Garage and headed on over. I was so excited. I love Hopi art. I’ve always felt very connected to it. I’m not sure why. I know I have Native American Ancestry, and there is no one who is 100% certain exactly which tribes my ancestors were from, so it is a possibility that there might be some Hopi blood in my veins. Perhaps someday Science will be able to tell me with a simple blood scan. It would mean a tremendous amount to me to know that.

The Kachina Collection was amazing. Beautiful. It’s in a small room that is long with a beautiful stained glass window at the end.

Each Kachina is numbered and the artist is listed on a sheet in each case with a corresponding number and the title of the work. The room has wonderful ambient lighting. I took so many pictures. I saw familiar patterns. Things that sometimes end up in my work. Things that reminded me of my work. I had a strong desire to find some clay and a Kiln and get to sculpting.

Going to see this work made me want to finish the work for the Weather Biennale. It also reminded me of that dream I had with the antelope goat god. The one where he came to me and told me something really important that I can’t remember. He looked like a Kachina. Here’s the drawing I did of him right after the dream.

There’s more to him than that. That’s just what I drew immediately following the dream so I didn’t forget it. Doesn’t he look like he’s fit right in? I think so.

This weekend was also full of good food. OMG…so much good food. Tarahumara’s on Friday night, The Garage for lunch on Saturday, home-made fried chicken for dinner with a home-made cherry pie for dinner Saturday night, Fried eggs, sausage links, waffles and coffee for Sunday Brunch, and home-made Lamb stew for dinner. I am stuffed. Still. T is a wonderful cook. Amazingly wonderful. We watched some TV this weekend as well. The Mid-season Finale of Doctor Who. I was in tears. It was really good. The Season Premiere of Once Upon a Time happened Sunday night. Hooray! I love this show! We also managed to catch up on Warehouse 13. Ugh, my heart. More tears. There’s nothing like a weekend of good art, good food and good Sci-Fi/Fantasy. We dreaded going to bed Sunday night. So much so that we stayed up until around 3 AM watching season 2 on The Walking Dead. Going to sleep meant Monday was here. We prolonged it until neither of us could keep our little eyes open. Here’s to a good week. I hope you all have one. It’s October now. That makes me insanely happy. I look forward to decorating for Halloween this upcoming weekend.