Creating a Painting with someone you love in mind.

I got to do something I had never done before. I got to paint something for someone and keep it a secret. It all started when my friend Amy announced she was getting married. I realized at some point I would need a wedding gift. T & I discussed this and decided that we did not want to go buy some material something and stick it in a fancy bag. We are real tired of that meaningless, lazy and tired tradition. We just don’t want to do that anymore. For any reason. Wedding, holiday, birthday. Doesn’t matter. I have TOO much now and want nothing you can buy at a store from anyone. Mix CD’s, sewn things, art or craft, that is what you can get me. I mean, if you’re my friend, you should know at least two themes you could run with. Star Wars or Xena. I mean, c’mon. I’m easy.

Anyway, Amy had just posted how she is just awed by the Wonder Woman painting Cindy purchased from me and hung in her home in KCMO.


It hit me like lightning! I needed to paint and am still working really hard on this style I am developing and Amy needs a gift. Well, Amy & Roger, but I was really hoping Roger would get some enjoyment out of my work as well. Maybe when he was sitting in his smoking jacket in a comfy leather chair, fancy antique pipe in one hand, Brandy in the other…or however Roger relaxes…lol…maybe it’d just be cool when he stares at it.

Batgirl. Amy likes Batgirl. Okay, likes might not be strong enough. It would be another cool superhero painting, and honestly, I would have never thought to even attempt Batgirl. So new, fresh, and unexpected. Cool. Plus, I decided to keep with the style I used for Wonder Woman and try to improve on it. I was already excited.

It was a really unique experience. I realized I had never painted something for someone for a gift and without being able to consult them and it be a secret. That was hard for me. I’m terrible at keeping secrets. Never tell me secrets. Just don’t. Tell T. She can decide whether or not I should know.

So, there I was, painting every single day. It was awesome. It was hard. I learned a bunch. I NEED deadlines. NEED them. Without them, I’m lost at sea. I need the pressure of a looming deadline. It makes me work hard. It makes it impossible to have excuses. When the art gets hard, all I can do is whine a couple times or post about how hard it is and then, dealine looming, get my ass back in the painter’s seat. Dealines help me care more. They give me a goal. I like competition. So, I was made very aware that what I need is deadlines, competition and a goal. I think I need to enter more art shows.

I couldn’t help but think about Amy while I painted. What getting married must mean. How long it will be before I get to do that. If ever. I thought about this Roger fellow. I’d like to know him better. I don’t even know what his favorite color is and that’s weird for me. It is seriously usually my first question. I kid you not. I also thought about our friends. Those here and those gone. I was invincible and passionate. I want to be again. I couldn’t stand being at my J-O-B when I knew there was painting to do. I even used my time I had built up to ask for time off just to work on it because I wanted to so badly. It’s been a while since that has happened. I realized that I hate my J-O-B and I need to step off the ride. I have to, or I’m going to wither away and die. I need late nights/early mornings and 3 AM painting breaks to look at the night sky and wonder at the universe. I don’t just like waking up after noon, it’s my natural cycle. I need to rearrange my life to be better condusive to what I am. A creator.

When I finished it, I was very happy. Happy to see that I could pull it off. Happy that I had painted. Happy that I had a gift for the wedding. Happy that it wasn’t some meaningless piece of crap for an occasion as important as this.


Thank you Amy, for inviting me and causing all this to happen. You and Cindy and Talaura are so important to me. You’re like my three cheerleading muses. I love you all for that. And thanks to T for always nurturing and supporting that part of me. The part that paints. I need you all more than you could ever understand.