Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!

I am going to attempt this.  What is it?  Well, it’s lots of different things.  It’s sort of an Artist Convention.  It’s sort of an Art workshop weekend.  It’s sort of an illustration & graphic art expo.  It’s kind of a gathering of weirdos with drawing skills.  I’m pretty excited.  I have hopes.  That’s sort of a big deal for me.  Having hopes.  As the Wonder Woman painting post below proves, many times things just don’t work out right for me.  It’s cool.  I’ve come to expect that.  I’m pretty hard to disappoint.  I just hope I find some answers.  Get some leads.  Gather a better understanding.

There are workshops with titles like: Getting Started in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Artist as Brand, & Women & the Fantastic Arts.  There are one on one talks with artists like Mike Mignola & Brom.  There is even a life drawing session late at night atop the Aladdin sponsored by TAD.  Oh, and portfolio reviews.  I don’t even have a portfolio right now.  How sad is that?

I guess what I’m really looking for is direction.

I sure hope I find it here.  Or at least an arrow pointing to a path that might lead me to a direction.  I’ve never felt more lost in my life than I have these last few years.  I was always absolutely certain I was an artist & that I would make my living doing art.  Lately, though, I’ve wondered if I didn’t make some horrible mistake.  I have moments where the universe seems to be reassuring me, but sometimes I wonder.  I have to find a direction soon.  A path.  A goal.  I have to.

So, yes, I guess I have a few hopes going into this.  I hope they aren’t too unrealistic.  I hope I click.  I hope I find my peeps.  I hope I find my path.  Nothing too big.



Added a new gallery

If you look over at the top right hand corner of this here blog, you will see that i have added a gallery called Sketches & Misc. Art. This is stuff that has been hidden away in random sketch pads & has never seen the light of day. Some of it was drawn with the intent to turn it into something different, some to pass the time & some…well, who knows. I hope you enjoy. Who knows, maybe it will force me to do something with it.