Hello There Monday

This weekend was wonderful. I finally got a weekend to do exactly what I love to do. Paint & work-out. I’ve needed it pretty badly. I slept in until 4PM, got up, got some food, went & got a few supplies & then worked out hard & then painted. I painted until 7 in the morning.

Above is the painting I started. It’s the same size as the Wonder Woman painting I did. BIG. 42″ x 36″ I got quite a bit done. I painted for at least 8 hours if not more. Let’s see…8 hrs. x $15.00 = $120.00 + $70.00 for canvas + supplies = $190.00. So ,that’s where we are on the pricing so far.

I also managed to squeeze out a nice tattoo design for a cool lady named Willie that I worked with at Toys R Us years back. I can’t wait to see it on her! I did a sugar skull for a guy a while back, but never got to see it on him.

I worked out Friday, Saturday & yesterday. I lift free weights & use the gym machine we bought. I did crunches as well. Lots of crunches. Ouch. There is something I love about the pain you get with free weights. It’s a good hurt. I am determined to get this extra fat off my body & get back into shape. I realized this weekend that the last time I gained this much fat on my body was when I was extremely unhappy & depressed in high school. It was the very next year that I met my personal trainer, Jodi & in 6 months looked like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. I wish Jodi was here to help me out, but I remember everything she taught me. I have lots of reasons to get in shape as well. Being in the sort of shape that I like makes me extremely confident. Even more so than I am now. I’m generally a confident person. I know this much, I can already feel the positive effects. I feel so great this morning. I think it’s called Happy. LOL. I’m playing my Shakira playlist on Spotify here at my desk as I try & sort through the mess of cancelled classes & added classes & what that means for my book adoptions. Daunting. Confusing & tedious, yet somehow, no big deal. Even the UPS guy noted what a good mood I was in. I hope no one is able to infect that positivity with negativity. I’m bombarded with it on a pretty constant basis. Shakira does make an amazing shield from negativity. It just bounces away as I wiggle to the beat in my seat!

I can do this. I can have the happy I desire. Even if it means making some really hard decisions. Hard work & focus. Art & weightlifting.

Time, Time, Time….

Good grief! Did the planet’s rotation speed up or something?! I’m so busy, it’s hard to find a moment to spare. I haven’t even gotten to my paintings this last month. I have two more I am ready to start. The weekends are going by so fast that I don’t even believe they exist anymore. They are like a sweet little dream.

Still, somethings moving. The Universe is stirring. Can you feel it? Something good. Something amazing. Never believe that you can’t be that one-in-a-million. Somebody has to be it. Why not you? Let me tell you, kids…things happen in the most amazing ways. Sometimes you wonder why you are where you are & what it all means, but there’s a reason. Open your eyes & take every opportunity it hands you.